BLOG – Latinos are empowered to make choices for conservation and development

It was encouraging to see Colorado’s La Voz raise the issue of oil and gas development as one that affects Latinos, in a recent commentary by James Mejia. As we move closer to the midterm elections, the dialog on national issues has engaged Latinos in a new way. So, why now? Latinos collectively now have […]

Interior takes a bold step towards balanced public lands management

Today, the Interior Department revealed a strategy that takes a smarter, proactive approach to energy development. A road map for Interior Secretary Jewell’s first Secretarial Order and first major action on conservation, the mitigation strategy will lead to better protection for fish, wildlife, water, farming and ranching, and landscapes across the West. As major stakeholders in the […]

Latinos’ love for the land overlooked | ABQJournal Online

Latinos are more likely than other ethnic groups to vote for candidates who favor conservation and to vote against those who don’t. That should be a wake-up call for politicians. HECHO Director Rod Torrez comments further on the Colorado College Poll in an Albuquerque Journal guest column on Sunday, February 23. Latinos’ love for the […]

Colorado College Poll: Conservation Is a Key Issue for Latinos

  A couple of decades ago I packed my pickup and journeyed through what I consider the homeland (before the term “homeland” took on darker connotations). I drove through mountains, llanos and deserts, crossing borders and following the footsteps of ancestors, with the aim of connecting with both Spanish and Native roots and learning about […]

Blog: Moab Plan a Step Towards Protecting Cultural and Recreational Land Use

The Arches and Canyonlands of Utah evoke thoughts of remoteness and mystery, fantastical vistas, wild geological formations, and voices echoing impossible distances. For many of us who live out west, these places represent the heart of what it means to find solitude and be in touch with the land, in love with the landscape, tiny […]

Blog: Secretary Jewell, Latinos must work together for the future of western lands

“The way we deal with challenges is to work collectively.” - Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, December 12, 2013 Last week , Secretary Jewell spoke to the Western Governors Association about creating a holistic approach to managing our public lands through cooperation, landscape level planning, mitigation and approaching development in new ways. She also said in her […]

Release: Latino sportsmen launch ads telling Jewell: Working together, we can protect the land

Group launches ad campaign the day of Jewell’s first major conservation speech and highlights opportunities for conservation, balanced oil and gas development Los Alamos, NM – Today, the group Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting and Outdoors (HECHO), launched a new advertising campaign encouraging Interior Department Sec. Sally Jewell to protect Western traditions and recreation opportunities by ensuring […]

Conservacionistas latinos lanzan publicidad dirigida a la Secretaria Jewell: Trabajando juntos podemos proteger la tierra

El grupo lanza campaña publicitaria el mismo día del primer discurso de la secretaria sobre la conservación destacando oportunidades para lograr un balance entre la conservación y el desarrollo del gas y el petróleo  Los Alamos, NM – Hoy el grupo HECHO (Hispanos disfrutando el camping, la caza y la recreación al aire libre) como […]